Need truck supplies? Check out JB Distributors Posted on 29 Apr 00:19

Need truck supplies? Check out JB Distributors.

From heavy duty silver tarps to VeeBoards, we've got it all. 

JB Distributors has been selling truck supplies for more than 30 years, providing truckers across the nation with the products they need most. 

JB Distributors' 5 gallon oil only spill kits, which are made in the USA, are one of our most popular products at the moment. Spill kits absorb petroleum-based liquids and repel water. They are a perfect fit for all flatbed trucks in the construction and building material industries. 

JB Distributors' 1" x 15' black cargo straps with ratchets are a hit with pickup trucks and 2x27 cargo straps with flat hooks and ratchets are DOT approved for tying loads to flatbed trucks. 

JB Distributors also has #25 First Aid Kits in Metal and Plastic boxes

If you have any questions about our bungee cords or 3/8 solid rubber bungees, please feel free to call us at toll free 800-522-2062 or email